Is your business website Mobile Responsive?

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Is your business website Mobile Responsive?

July 28, 2018 Websites 0

It’s one thing to have an incredible website that appeals to people enough to want to click on it, but making sure it’s Mobile Responsive is another thing altogether.

If you didn’t already know, use of mobile devices to shop and conduct business online have increased monumentally over recent years. Looking at the statistics now you might suggest that mobile devices have outnumbered desktop computers, along with their frequency of use.

So, let’s take a look at what Mobile Responsiveness is, and why it’s needed now more than ever.

When a website is Mobile Responsive, it simply means that the site’s layout and functionality have the ability to adapt to the type of device the user is viewing it on.

Depending on complexity of your website or nature of your business, you may require a professional to help you out with this sort of optimisation.

In general, there are four common screen sizes or device types that are widely used. These being:

  • Widescreen desktop screens
  • Laptop screens
  • Mobile phone screens, and
  • Tablet screens


If your website is optimised for mobile responsiveness, it should display correctly with consistence in functionality across all four devices.

It’s crucial to ensure that your website is mobile responsive, as readers or clients will likely opt for the website that is, if yours fails to provide a user-friendly or compatible layout.

Sure, you can still surf a website that isn’t exactly mobile responsive, but who wants to put up with such an annoyance? The answer is very few people – and if you’re an Australian small business owner, it could be hard to sell a product to anyone.